Meet Dr. Samuel Dutil

Dr. Samuel Dutil graduated from the University of Montreal in 2010. He joined Academy Dental in 2019. He believes in listening to his patients and helping them understand their condition and their treatments. He likes to make his patients feel welcome to ask questions and to take his time to explain well. He is ready to answer you in English, French, or Spanish.

Dr. Dutil enjoys photography and always has a camera on hand. He has one daughter and he will be happy to show you her photos if you ask. He practices general dentistry and enjoys many different aspects of it.

How Did I Join Academy Dental?

After graduating from the University of Montreal I moved to Alberta and worked in Fort McMurray. I am grateful for the opportunity Alberta offered me at that time. It was a great experience for me on a professional level. The city was full of young professionals like me, who have become patients and friends. I had the chance to focus fully on developing my skills as a dentist.

Later in 2016, I moved to Fort Saskatchewan where I worked at Fort Dental until 2019. At that time I met Dr. Ben Eastwood and we started sharing our passion for dentistry. We both have a vision of dentistry that goes into improving oral health for a lifetime through continuing education and improving airways. Dr. Eastwood told me he believed in having his practice taken over by a colleague that he trusted his patient’s with, rather than a large corporation.

 I took over Dr. Eastwood’s practice in late 2019. I am very grateful for the opportunity of joining Academy Dental and to all the patients that have chosen to follow me.

More About Me

I grew up on a strawberry farm about an hour north east of Montreal QC. At a young age, I learned the value of hard work. So, as a teenager, when I knew I wanted to become a dentist I pursued this goal. I have always been attracted by the dexterity and skill required, the dental art aspects of creating beautiful smiles, and the interaction with patients.

I married in Peru in 2015. Soon after my wife and I choose to move to Edmonton. You may have the chance to meet my wife, Yessenia, during your visit. She is committed to helping and assisting me in the office. She is also a veterinarian with lots of experience with alpacas and camels. She is always happy to share some knowledge about it if you ask her! 

Together we have a daughter named Valentina. We take pride in teaching her French, Spanish and English. 

My Passion for Dentistry

I believe it is a privilege to be able to practice dentistry and I thank every patient each day for their trust in my abilities. This is why I have invested myself in the profession, with the continuous desire of learning and improving. As a general dentist, I try to keep learning about different aspects of dentistry.

The Dental Microscope

I have developed an interest in the use of the dental microscope. The microscope helps the dentist see more closely and more directly into the patient’s mouth. It also makes it possible to share the photos taken with the microscope, so the patient can see details such as cracks that otherwise only I can see. The dental microscope is mostly helpful for root canal therapy. Should it be smaller canals, longer roots or previously treated teeth, when possible I am happy if I am able to help and to treat a painful tooth’s root canal with the dental microscope.

Dental Surgery

I offer different dental surgery services. I completed my training in dental implants in 2015. I like to discuss with patients the process of implants, from before surgery to the end. I also offer bone grafting options and sinus lifting solutions. For a dental implant consultation in downtown Edmonton, please give me a call. You may also ask me about the benefits of having a computer guided dental implant placement. 

I also offer impacted wisdom teeth extraction’s with the use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) which may help reduce the risk of dry sockets. In some cases we may be referring you to an oral surgeon or specialist for these treatments.

Graphic representation of a x-ray view of wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Samuel Dutil

Cosmetic Dentistry

I love to discuss with patients who approach me, the ways to improve or design a new smile. I start by taking my own photographs and analyzing the smile. Then the details of what dental technology can bring us today can be shared and visualized on the screen. I also enjoy sculpting up the cosmetic plan with diagnosis wax. For veneers or bonding’s come visit us downtown to discuss your options.

TMJ Problems

I include a comprehensive examination of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) into my new patient exams. Oftentimes, I may prescribe some at home physio exercises which I find to be an affordable solution. I like to take time to explain to patients the different night guard designs and their function. 

Pediatric Dentistry and Interceptive Orthodontic

Meeting and helping kids is one of the most rewarding parts of my profession. I like to be able to help parents understand the relationship of their child’s oral health, occlusion, and posture and the effect on the airway and sleep. I have completed training in Orthotropics for which I thank Dr. John Mew for his input on the importance of posture in children. I also offer palatal expansion treatments.

Dr. Samuel Dutil treating a child

Visit our dental clinic in downtown Edmonton to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Samuel Dutil. As a newer dentist at Academy Dental, Dr. Dutil offers free consultations, allowing patients to meet him and learn about their treatment options.

See our services section to learn about other treatments we can help you with.